Why choose Windows defender 2020

Why choose Windows defender
Windows defender a must
Windows Defender is indeed underrated this days and funny enough we all tend to overlook its great features and usefulness, so today we shall be giving you in details why you should get to enable windows defender today.

This software is so important, it helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by viruses and spyware.
We all know that malwares can infect our computers without our knowledge.
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Malwares come from installations, some are installed from an email message, when you connect to the Internet, or when you install certain applications using a USB flash drive, CD, DVD, or other removable media.

For me and other Tecnologists, we prefer Windows defender to other third party Antiviruses.

We have got some great features of windows defender and a little description-

  • Windows Defender Fights Viruses In two ways.
  1. Real-time protection.
  2. Windows Defender informs you when malware tries to install itself or run on your computer. 
  3. It also notifies you when applications attempt to change important settings. When it notifys you, it also gives you the option of killing the malware, while sometimes it kills it by itself automatically.

  • Scanning options: You can use this software to scan for malware that might be installed on your computer and to automatically remove or kill anything that is detected during a scan.
With these few points, it is obvious that this software is very essential, that's why it is called Microsoft Essential.

A must use for all windows users to keep your system running at its maximum.
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    1. It comes pre-installed on windows 8.0+

      Just if you don't have it installed on your windows 8+, you can also get it installed manually by purchasing installation disk of the software.


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