How To Use Different Font Styles/Handwritings On WhatsApp

Few WhatsApp Fonts You'll Get To know.
WhatsApp is known for having different features which catches the interest of their users, and one of it is using of different font styles to sending messages. It includes Mono, Bold, Italiks and others, and they are very easy to use.

It makes your message have more explanation and specific, like if you want to send an information and it requires a heading or sub topic, rather than making all block letters you'll make use of Bold, which I'll show to us all as well.

How To Use Different Font styles: 

For this process you'll require few marks, e.g underscore(_), asterisk (*), apostrophes (`) amd some others to make them show.
• Bold • Italiks • Mono • Strikethrough
Bold - *Message*
Italis - _Message_
Mono - ```Message```
Strikethrough - ~Message~

You can as well mix and make use of two fonts together, e.g
Bold & Italiks - *_Message_*
Italiks & Strikethrough - _~Message~_
Bold & Strikethrough - *~Message~*

Mono is an exception, cause it doesn't accomodate any other font style alongside it, it stands alone. You can find the following symbols and signs on your keyboard under ?123 & =\<

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