Airtel Announces FREE SMS To Costumers & Free Access To Certain Sites Amidst COVID-19

Free SMS From Airtel NG
Airtel NG have announced their plan to give free SMS for their customers, which you must not miss. It is as a result of this stay at home order which is keeping many Nigerians at home and depriving them of most things. But Airtel is here, so is Legitdroid.

Airtel Announces Free SMS For Costumers

There is no procedure or requirements for this offered, they said Free SMS can be sent to all your friends and families across any network. Meaning its not for Airtel to Airtel, but t9 other networks like MTN, 9mobile and Glo as well.

They also stated that a fair usage policy would apply as to prevent network congestion. Since many of us would like to try this out without looking at its effect, there might be some limitations. But just make sure to use and enjoy it, but also think of others.

Airtel As Well Giving Costumers Free Access To Special Sites, Amidst COVID-19:

Not only with Free SMS, Airtel NG is as well, also giving their customers free access to special sites, as to keep up with updates of Coronavirus. 
This as well doesn't need any procedure or requirements, only to open your browser and use the following sites for FREE:

  Don't miss this, visit the above sites and get informative details about the pandemic Coronavirus.    Don't forget to share and also subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for reading
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