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Infinix and Tecno
Earlier times, changing of fonts on your Android devices involves tweaking which was a real damn pin in the a**, it was very complex, often involves rooting of your Android device which very few Android users were willing to take risk just to get access to thousands of fonts and also apply them on their device.

However, Recent Android devices have an easy way to change font, which certainly just require little data for downloading fonts directly from their respective android device.
So today we are dropping a step by step method on how to go about with changing of font specifically for Infinix and Tecno devices only!

How To Change Font Of Any Infinix And Tecno Android Device 

  • 1. Go to Android menu,look for " Hi Theme" for Tecno phones, "X theme" for infinix phones.
  • 2. At the button you would see fonts, if you don't see fonts,you would see "discover",click on discover and navigate to fonts.
  • 3. Then choose any font of your choice.
  • 4. Download and click Apply.

You have successfully changed your font.
Finally no need for rooting your android device any longer just to apply fonts.

I hope this was helpful, do feel free to reach out to us if you may come across any difficulty.

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