Dark theme finally rolled out on Google PlayStore 2020

Google PlayStore dark theme
Google PlayStore dark theme
Waiting so long for the dark mode feature to be rolled out on Google PlayStore has been every day to day check on the application.

Finally, those who have been waiting patiently for this dark theme feature can now have it all to themselves as Google Finally rolls out the Dark theme feature, which feels real great and cool.

This dark theme feature is still on the run in rolling out the update to all users, but for now we have got it available for all Android version 10 users!

Above image shows the available options of the dark theme settings where you have options to switch from dark to light and also to set to system default.

So just as we all wait patiently for the update to be available for all Google PlayStore users, I mean Android users with lower version from 4.0 - - - 9.0.

How to activate Google PlayStore Dark Theme

For the main time, those on android 10 can simply switch over to dark mode on their Google PlayStore app by simply navigating to applications settings as seen in the image below.
Google PlayStore dark theme
Dark theme settings 
Google PlayStore dark theme
Dark them enabled 
The dark team on Google PlayStore seems to be real amazing and cool, just as we have got lots of positive comments and reviews based on the newly added dark theme feature.

What do you think about the dark theme feature?
Lets get to know your view! 
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