You might get hacked if you keep doing this to your facebook account

Facebook account hacked
Facebook hacked
It is no new story as people come online lamenting how their Facebook account was hacked by hackers and this has resulted to lots of bad experiences as the hackers tends to scam their friends and followers.

In cases like this, the only option is to inform your friends to quickly ignore any message sent through your account and also to help report the account so Facebook can swiftly block the account to avoid further damages caused by the account.

Note that if you continue signing into your Facebook account on every and any device you see, you should be ready to be hacked one way or the other.

The Best Option To Do Away From Hackers Is As Follows:

  • Avoid accepting strange friend requests:

Over 80% hacked accounts, is as a result of accepting unknown requests. Do ensure to deal away with accepting friend request you aren't sure of. Request with a white man picture, no mutual friends, and location does not tell the exact information displayed on his/her profile. Please decline such request!

  • Avoid signing into your account through links sent to you via messenger (DM):

This happens often as friends DM you and begging you to login into the claimed Facebook link sent to you and requesting you to like, Comment and follow the page or whatever.

Please do ensure to ignore those messages as they are marked phishing sites, which extracts all information inputted into the site.

  • Maintain the use a particular device:

The best option is to maintain a particular device for sign in and if you just can't keep to that, do ensure to always log out from the Facebook recently logged in that wasn't your device and also reject save-password when prompted on the web browser during logging in.

  • Two factor authentication verification settings:

Two factor authentication
Another best security option is to enable two factor authentication verification. This option requires additional security code sent to your phone number linked to your facebook account. Enabling this option helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Facebook account.

  • Choose 3-5 friends to contact if you get locked out.

Trusted contact
Set 3-5 friends recovery option helps to get in touch back to your account just if you are hacked or logged out from your account.
3 to 5 friends set up
This settings can be accessed on your Facebook settings, under security and settings.

Settings & privacy

Security and login

In summary, Having done this you should be at peace just as all possible ways of getting hacked has been locked.
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