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Free MTN data Airtel
MTN 1200mtn share and sell
How about I say you can get over 1000mb for free on most network providers.

We all have gotten updates on network providers share and sell data, which makes it possible for a customer to share portion of his/her available data subscription to friends and family members. We have the likes of MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile!

So today we are letting you know how possible it is to get over 1000mb from all network providers, provided they have got the ability to share data allocation to friends and family members.

MTN share and sell data range!

1. 10mb

2. 50mb

3. 100mb

Dial *131*7*1# to transfer data on MTN!

While airtel ranges from 10mb - 200mb.


The game now becomes, just if you have friends using these networks and probably you don't have money to do a subscription, you can simply DM them asking him/her to share 100mb worth of data to your line.

Imagine asking 100mb each from 10 friends! Cool right?

That is obviously 1000mb, and without any doubt, you should have over 30 friends who do monthly subscriptions and leasing 100mb out wouldn't be a big deal to them.

Image below shows my shared data history and balance after getting 100mb from 12 friends.
MTN 100mb share

MTN share and sell balance 
Good thing is that, its validity period depends on the user subscription plan.

Airtel users:

While for Airtel users you can ask them to share 200mb to your line and imagine have 10 friends to send you 200mb each, that is certainly 2000mb.

Dial *141# to share airtel data!

So now you know this, what are you waiting for?

In conclusion, this is no cheat or trick, it is a legit way of getting data from friends and family members.

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