Stop charging your Android if you must use it - Warning

Android charging while pressing
Stop charging and using your device
This is certainly a very bad habit and a must stop 🛑 if you must enjoy your android.

What is the big deal of dropping your device for an hour or more for it to get fully charged before making use of it?

How about you stop charging and make use of your device and thereafter connect to electricity for it to get charged?

There are things we ignore or overlook which causes a big harm to our device but definitely not immediately, certainly someday.

Technically and otherwise, charging your Android device and making use of the device is totally wrong and dangerous. So is buying fuel in the filling station and your vehicle is ON.

That is one major reason fuel sellers advises customers to always switch off their vehicle engines before he/she attends to them.

Now back to business of the article!

If you are one who charges his/her device and is fond of using the device when plugged 🔌 in to an electric source, please do ensure to stop 🛑 from today as it can lead to the following!

Some bad causes of charging your Android and using it!

Android charging while pressing
Android charging while pressing

  • 1. Can result to damaged battery 🔋
  • 2. Over heating of the device which can result to damaged IC.
  • 3. Device reboots automatically when over heated.
  • 4. Swollen battery 🔋
  • 5. Battery life span decreases (causing device to shut down between 5% - 15%)

The best option is to power off your device while charging or preferably activate airplane mode and let it charge completely.

Note that:
If it takes an hour to fully charge your device, by turning on airplane mode and letting it charge completely should take approximately 45 - 50mins.

While charging when device is switched off should take 35 - 50mins.

In summary, never should you charge your device while using just as it seems the disadvantage is much and can result to total damage of device.

Do let us know what you think about charging of Android device while using!
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