How to send private whatsapp messages to any contact not saved on your phonebook

private whatsapp messages
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We shall be teaching you on how you could easily send a direct message to any person without having him or her as a contact saved on your device.
How, you may ask? 
Remember, you can only send a message to somebody, either from a group or probably the persons sends you a message first, then you just have to reply directly since the reverse was the case, but now you could DM any body without having the person phone number saved to your contact.

We are sure most persons might have come across such scenarios where you wish to privately send a message to a person on WhatsApp without wanting to save the person's number but unfortunately to you, local man or woman does not know how to go about it. This is the sole purpose of droidvilla.com, we make technology fun and easy.

People call this a trick, some say it is a hidden feature but all the same, whatever you say it is, so be it. Cheers! 

So without wasting much of our precious and loving time, lets get the ball rolling already.

How to send private whatsapp messages to any contact not saved on your phonebook.

  1. Before getting started, ensure to have the persons number you wish to send a DM without saving his or her contact.
  2. Now simply open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, operamini, safari e.t.c).
  3. In the address box, input in 
https://wa.me/the person's number. See image guide below!
Chrome Address Bar 
Example: https://wa.me/2348130856226
Now click on message, that's all, you'll be redirected to whastapp from your browser where you can immediately send a DM (driect message) to the person you wish to message without having him or her contact saved.

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