You can now see a list of all whatsapp admins on every group chat - See how

whatsapp group admins list
Whatsapp admin list
This whatsapp tips helps to keep everyone in mind of who is an admin in a group! Most especially for those contacts who just randomly gets added into groups , and you might be wondering who the person is and wanting to know the admins of the group for further investigations.
This tips gets to let you know how to identify and know the admins.
Whatsapp has finally made it possible for users in a group to quickly get to see a list of all group admins without having to ask or even going to group contact list to check for the admin tag beside their name.

Here is how to know group admins!

  • 1. Open whatsapp messenger
  • 2. Locate whatsapp group
  • 3. Tap on the three dotted icon at the top right side of the screen
  • 4. Now select Group info
  • 5. Finally, scroll down and you should see all admins at the first list followed by members.
You can as well get to know the admins by tapping on the admins word below the group.
This is applicable to all groups if and only if the group is locked to just admins only.

Now, you can know the admins of your group, just if you wish to DM them privately for something important or for information.

Hope this was worth sharing?
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