How To Set Power Off And On Feature On Android!

How to Power On and Off your Android automatically
LegitDroid Blog is here again with yet another amazing feature which is available in all Android Devices out there.

Have you ever felt like playing music 🎶 while in a sleeping 😴 mood?
Definitely you'd want to play music but still don't want the music 🎶 playing all through the night till day break, so all you have to do was to play ▶ the music 🎶 and when the sleep is becoming serious, you quickly shutdown your device or turn off the music 🎶 then you continue sleeping.

Now you can finally set your device 📱 when to power OFF 📴 and when to power ON.

With the power ON and OFF feature present on all Android devices, users can now set a time of which they want their device to power OFF 📴 and ON. Amazing right?

How To Set Power Off And On Feature On Android!

To set your device to power Off and On, simply follow the below steps to get it done.

1. Go to Android settings
2. Locate smart assistance ( Schedule Power on & Off)
Power On Off Android
Smart assistance (schedule power off and on
3. Open schedule power on & off and set your desired time for power Off 📴 and Power On.
Power On Off Android
Schedule power Off and On
Power On Off Android
Enable power Off and On
Power On Off Android
Now set time as you wish

Note: You can decide to set it for just a day in a week or every day of the week.

In conclusion:
Now you can play music while you go to bed and get the device powered Off and turned on automatically depending on the desired time set.

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