GTA VI first Official trailer


GTA vi Trailer 
After a long wait of several speculations on the sequel to the popular Rockstar game series Grand Theft Auto which entailed a pure perfection of graphic management and absolute brilliant gaming experience. New trailer popped up on youtube and GTA VI is looking really promising, it appears as though Franklin is still kicking and from the trailer there was some shots of Los Santos, so theres the probability that grumpy Trevor is still around *LOL*

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     The most eye catching part of this trailer is seeing a female avatar been controlled leaving us with the possibility of a female character joining the gang of switchable characters with intertwined storyline, probably a flash from the past or a new alliance in the present, right now all we have is still speculation and what we're mostly sure of is that Rockstar wouldn't be disappointing us, "they never have and they sure as hell ain't starting now". (In Trevor's voice)

GTA The diamond Casino Heist

     Meanwhile, the GTA online is still making some remarkable waves with constant updates and events popping up. Just enough to keep the Rockstar disciples from wandering away from the flock. Big news coming soon, until then stay tuned...Legidroid got you covered.
                        Click the link below to see video

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