Fix Unfortunately System UI has stopped in Android

 Unfortunately System ui stopped
Fix Unfortunately System UI has stopped working
This is definitely a major set back for most old system ui versions. We have the likes of Jellybean (2.0+), kitkat(4.0+) and most times lolipop (5.1).

This usually happens when your device is almost to it's end. It is also commonly caused by bad system file from developers.

We have got lots of possible causes to the "unfortunately system ui has stopped". One very bad experience about this warning is the fact that it occurs consistently until something is done.

After some work around and research carried out, we gathered that most victims was as a result of system updates, bad custom ROM, corrupt installed applications and most especially, outdated device versions.

We have gotten possible solutions to fix the error " Unfortunately System UI has stopped working in Android ".
Just if you experience such, then you can get this fixed as soon as possible!

Possible solutions to fix "Unfortunately System UI has stopped" 

  • Rebooting android device:

Do ensure to reboot your device once you get this error message at first. After reboot and it still continues, try restoring system factory.

  • System-flash the device:

System flash is way different from Android Settings restore factory, so do make sure you send the device to a phone doctor shop or engineer to assist in flashing the device using, miracle box or Xp-Flash tool.

  • Try flashing custom/Stock ROM:

This happens to be the solution to over 70% users inclined to Softwares. By flashing custom ROM , you are in a good number of percentage getting to get this issued fixed.

You can also flash stock ROM (original ROM) back and it should work just fine.

Visit phone doctor shop for process.

  • Unroot your device:

We all know rooting do have its own side effects and from what we can tell technically and software wise, a rooted device is prone to such error, Starting from system ui down to unfortunately (Applications) has stopped. So by unrooting the device and deleting Super SU, you can be sure of fixing this issue.

  • Try getting your device rooted:

This should be done if you are inclined in this aspect.

Like I said previously, Rooting has its own side effect and this side effect varies. Many users who are inclined about rooting can find this working just well, as the solution is promising.

By rooting your device you can write and overwrite system files and applications. You can try force closing and clearing app cache and data of the application when rooted using Lucky patcher.

  • Try upgrading your android version:

This works most times if done right. You can simply download latest update of the device from Google and get it flashed using sp flash tool or miracle box.

In summary, try as much as you can to get an update of your device version to avoid the problem of "unfortunate system ui has been been and if this continues happening after trying all above possible solutions, do move on by getting a new and more latest Android version of device.

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