Easily take screenshots by shaking your android device - See how

screenshots shaking android device
Take screenshots by shaking your android device
Gone are days where one have to hold volume up (+) and power button immediately and for seconds before taking screenshots of a particular screen.

With the help of so many third-party android applications, taking screenshots has become so easy, cool and amazing.

With the help of screen-master android application, you can easily take crazy snapshots by simply tapping toggled camera icon on screen or by shaking your android device.

Shake to take screenshots:

Shaking your android device is more cool just as you have options of setting how effective shaking your device would ignite the screenshot.
screenshots shaking android device
Shate to take screenshots 

Available shaking screenshots levels!

1. Low

2. Medium

3. Hard
screenshots shaking android device
Shake to take screenshots levels
Another crazy option for taking screenshots is floating button!

Floating button

This options brings an on-screen camera icon on the screen, where you only have to tap on it for it to take quick screenshots.

This option also have settings where you can adjust the size and visibility of the icon on the screen.
screenshots shaking android device
Floating button 
As seen in the image above, you can as well adjust to see result of how it is going to appear when activated.

In summary, having this toggled on your Android device, the joy of watching movies and taking quick shots is imminent just as screenshots are taken in seconds and are customized with available edit tools.

You can download screenmaster pro directly from playstore or download from Google

Mediafire- Download Now

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