Did you know? Disabling in-active sim card saves battery life

Disable simcard android
Disable simcard on android to save battery

Did you know? Disabling in-active sim card saves battery life

Good day viewers and readers!
LegitDroid.com is here again with yet another android tips that would definitely help save your android battery life 100% if taken into consideration.

Technically proven to be true that, the more active sim cards present in your Android device the more your battery usage increases and causes device battery to get low quickly.

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Remember old days of Android devices with just one sim card slot and observe how long the battery last with one active carrier network service. You will get to understand that, indeed having 2 sim card carrier network active at a time also drains your android battery faster.
We also observed that, having this two sim cards active also results to heated android devices.
You might wonder why and how two sim cards active can cause battery drainage and also heat up android devices. We shall discuss little on that!

Most glo and 9mobile users can attest to the fact that having just one glo or 9mobile active heats up phone, mostly when there is low network coverage in that particular area.

This is as a result of continuous search for network and obviously in the process of searching for available network requires battery (power) causing device to heat up and battery drains faster.

Having two SIM cards means burning more battery power. Main reason why these mobile phones are needed to be charged almost regularly.

Here are some tips we confirmed working and legit just after taking some tests.

  1. For those who love playing offline games, do ensure to activate airplane mode. This helps to keep the device running at a more stable state and for sure also saves battery life.
  2. For those who already have 2 active sim cards present on their Android device, do ensure to disable one of two active sim cards not currently in use to safe battery life and to keep your device temperature to normal.

How to disable simcard on android device to safe battery life.

  • Go to settings
  • Wireless and network/Dual sim settings
Disable simcard android
Wireless and networks
Disable simcard android
Dual sim settings
  • Now tap on the sim card you wish to disable and you are done.
Disable simcard android
Disable your preferred simcard
In summary, by doing the above steps and going through the article above, you should be rest assured of a better and improved battery life after which.
Do let us know what you think about this tips! 

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  4. I experience this problem regularly but I use my two sims for browsing so .....🤷🏿‍♀️

    1. Wow. So priority matters! You can decide to turn the other off while using the other.

  5. I believe you cause it's coming from you meanwhile such could happen somehow since it base on network. thanks for making it clear enough.

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