Before making android system update, take note of this things

Android System update
Android System Update
You might be wondering what legitdroid.com have to say about system update too.

Don't worry, it is definitely going to put you in shock after we might have dropped down some secrets and tips of Android System updates!

Legitdroid.com is here to inform you that, not all system update is really a good update some are downgrade.

Why and how?

It is said to be true that most released system update comes with lots of issues which well inclined droid gurus call (Bugs). Late 2019, Apple released the latest version of its ios, which was iOS 13 and not quite long, hundreds of iPhone users who quickly updated their system to the said iOS 13 got up to say it had lots of bugs which was really a bad idea. Some issues where, hotness of device, quick battery drainage, malfunctioning of applications and few others out there.

Same with most Android system updates! We have cases of Android updates getting the bug of (Unfortunately Google play store has stopped and System UI has stopped).
Just if you wish to be safe while getting your android device updated or process of updating any system software, do ensure to look out for the following!

Here are things to look out for!

  • 1.Getting reviews from other users:

Before getting to tap on the download and install update button do ensure you go online and Google search for the said system update to further get reviews on the updates.

Getting reviews from other users currently using the update will help guide you on what you are about to update.

  • 2. Always read details of the update:

Before getting to update the device, you should ensure to have read the note just before the download and install button.

  • 3. Warning Notes ⚠:
Android System update
Warning note
Ensure your device is currently not rooted and bootloader not unlocked to avoid bricking of the device.

You can as well find other warning note before proceeding with the download and install button.
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  1. Thanks so much. My phone has been behaving strangely since I updated few days ago. ☹️


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