Always check to know who shared your GLO data - See why

Shared GLO data subscription
Who shared my GLO data subscription
We have been messaged severally in regards to GLO data subscription getting exhausted just far before its expiring date and after going through some investigations and check, we found out that, friends/workers/family members do legitly share their GLO data subscription to themselves without them knowing.

After getting to let them know how and why their data does not last any longer, they were marveled and shocked finding out those they trusted were among the shared contact using their data subscription.

So, just if you are suspecting or observing that your data doesn't last longer than expected all of sudden, obviously you might be right suspecting.

Without further ado, lets get to know who shared your data and how to unshare them from using your data subscription.

How to check numbers sharing your GLO data subscription with you!

We have got two easy steps to check who shared your GLO data subscription!

  • To get a list of contacts presently sharing your Glo data subscription, simply dial using USSD *127*00# or by SMS "List” to 127.

Now you should get a message containing all those who are sharing your data with you.

How to unshare contact sharing my GLO data subscription

  • To unshare a number from sharing your data subscription, simply dial USSD *127*02*[friend’s number]# Or by SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” and send it to 127.

Congratulations, you have successfully unshared all contacts sharing your GLO data subscription without your consent.
In summary, always do check on your shared list to be rest assured no one is sharing your GLO data subscription with you.

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