Does your picture become blurry after taking a selfie? Here is what to do

Android camera blurry
Android camera
You might always be wondering why the camera of your device look so good before taking a shot, but after taking the shot becomes blurry all of a sudden.

It happens most at times and it is embarrassing certainly when you want a quick shot of a scene and finally it becomes blurry.

So today droidvilla.com will quickly guide you on what to do before taking any picture 🖼 from your android camera 📸.

Here is what to do to avoid blurry images

  • 1. To avoid blurry images, do ensure you clean the lens of your android camera before taking a selfie.
This makes it extraordinary sharp and clear!
  • 2. Ensure the camera mode is set to photo 📸 and not beauty mode.
The beauty mode would definitely let the image taken to be smooth and making it look blurry also.
  • 3. Ensure the device camera resolution is set to the maximum. Go to camera settings and locate resolution, then confirm it is set to maximum.

After getting this set, be rest assured all pictures taken with your android device will be amazing.

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