9 Amazing features of chrome browser 2020

9 Secrets Of Chrome Browser
Well, we thought it wise to share this amazing tips with you. Research tells that 90% Android and PC users around the world sets Google Chrome as their default web browser because of its features and flexibility.

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Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and a known secured web browser,which brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and Google Search and Google Translate built-in. With Google Chrome you can synchronize all your browsing history across all your devices.

Here are some extra amazing features in Google Chrome!


While surfing on Chrome, you might have opened a page before and after a while you want to refer to that page you were searching at 4-hours ago on that particular tab for a thing you saw there.
Just press and hold down the back button in Chrome and you'll instantly see a drop-down list of pages you have opened previously on that particular tab.
Amazing right?


Are you having slow network while trying to surf the internet?
Worry less just as you can actually play a fun game even within Chrome while waiting for a webpage to load.

When you try to open a page with a bad or slow network, an offline page opens and it show stuff like this "No internet..." With a pixel dragon. It's actually a game. To play it just click the dragon on Android and on PC just click space bar and then the pixel dragon will start moving. Click the screen to jump on Android and space bar to jump to jump on PC.


You want to do a quick maths? You don't want to open the calculator application, you could just type the math problem on the address bar with Chrome and tap space, then the answer will appear just under the address bar.


You could actually check for the meaning of a word without having to search for it. Just type in the word in the address bar like this "strange meaning". The meaning of the word will be shown just under the address bar. This has made things pretty easy and worth it.


If you need to do a private search or a quick shopping online from the black market, open the incognito mode. It won't save your browsing history.
To open the incognito mode, click the three dashes at top right corner of the page and click new incognito tab. This would open a new tab in the incognito mode.


Did you accidentally close a tab? You can re-open it. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T simultaneously. On Mac press Command+Shift+T.


If you're having a very busy day and also need to read an article you saw online, you can easily download the page and read it offline when you're less busy.

To download a page, Click the three dashes on the top right corner of the page and click download icon. That's it, you can always go back to read the article offline.


Never copy a link again. You can now send tabs from PC to phone. One can be surfing the web and come across an interesting article that he/she would like to share with a friend. Instead of going all the way to copy the link and share it via WhatsApp or any other social media, with Chrome you can send it directly to the phone via PC.

Here is how to send Google Chrome tabs across your devices.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC
  2. Type chrome://flags into the address bar and enter
  3. Scroll until you see send tab to self option
  4. Then toggle it on.
  5. Then to send the tab, click the address bar and a laptop icon would be shown on the address bar. Then click the icon and the tab would be sent.


Did you stumble on something while reading on the Internet, which you want to know more? Highlight a word or phrase, and then drag the selected phrase at the top of the browser window to the right of your tabs farthest. A new tab opens with the Google search results for your highlighted selection.

In conclusion, chrome is definitely one of the best and safer browser out there to be installed on your Android device.
Visit Google Playstore to download!
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