8 Things to look out for before purchasing an android device

android purchase
For sure, you just don't get a phone purchased without proper check and reviews from other users.

Have you ever thought of getting a phone purchased, but confused of which to get at a cheaper price and with good features?

Today legitdroid.com will quickly guide you on 8 things to look out for before getting an android phone purchased.

Here Are 8 Things To Look Out For Before Purchasing An Android Device:

  • 1. Price of device
  • 2. Specifications of device to be purchased
  • 3. Battery πŸ”‹ capacity
  • 4. RAM/ROM
  • 5. Check reviews of other customers using the device.
  • 6. Camera quality
  • 7. Android Version
  • 8. Device accessories availability

  • Price of device:
What is your price range aimed in getting a device for yourself?
  • Specifications of device to be purchased:
You have to look out for the desired Android device specifications you wish to buy. Which includes (speed, processor, RAM, ROM, Battery πŸ”‹ etc).
  • Battery πŸ”‹ capacity:
Are you a heavy internet user or a gamer, then you need a device with a good battery πŸ”‹ capacity.
  • RAM/ROM:
Everyone needs a device with high RAM and ROM (Internal memory storage). The minimum you should get Right now, should be 32gig internal storage. So this must be taken into consideration!
  • Check reviews of other customers using the device:
Don't just see a device and rush to purchase, get to know and see reviews from other users currently using the device to know if it is worth it or not.

  • Camera quality:
Are you a selfie 🀳 freak? Then you should look out for this most especially, so you don't get disappointed.
  • Android Version:
This is the most vital of them all and must be your number one priority. The least you should go for right now should be version 7. Any other version below 7 is invalid😁.
  • Device accessories availability:
Are the accessories of the device you wish to purchase available? Do ensure the accessories could be purchased if any turns out to be faulty. Eg. Broken screen, charging point, battery πŸ”‹ etc.

If after going through all this and you get to see a device with what you need, kudos you are good to go.

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