Is The Witcher Worth The Hype?

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So I'll just bring you up to speed with latest netflix show, The Witcher, starring;

❤️Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

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Henry Cavill popularly tagged as Superman, the big blue, man of steel which he plays in the DCEU and has been seen over the years on different movieshas not failed the have a stronghold on his fans as he's delivered all round and has never fallen short...except that one time with the poor moustache CGI  on the Justice league movie.

Anya Chalorta as Yennefer of Vengerberg
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Anya Chalorta who perfectly fits the role of Yennefer accurately has been seen only a few times on screen on shows like wanderlust, The ABC murders and Sherwood a web series where she plays a lead role and now The Witcher, all within 2018 till date. I must say she's Beautiful. 

Freya Allan as Princess Cirlla of Cintra

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Freya Allan  the 18 year old English Actress started appearing on screen 2017, in bluebird and overtime has made appearances on the shows which include the famous AMC show Into The Badlands and the younger version of the one and only Minerva (AKA the Widow) in 2018 and is still on some ongoing shows like The War of Worlds and The Third day.

Now we're done with all the introduction of the lead characters, let's take a rather not so deep dive into the show.
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    Warning!! Minor Spoiler alerts
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The Story of Geralt of Rivia is definitely not a new one as the show is an adaptation of both the book and game together with some little spice, although the timeline may differ, all would fall in place over time. The show has the love of both readers and gamers and could cause an orgasmic reaction for those that are both gamers and readers. This show is definitely worth every bit of the hype and more.

The show with just one season out has 8 episode running for a span of one hour maximum for each episode. With the 8th and final episode of the season titled " Much more " which is definitely what the show runners have left us wanting. 
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The Action sequences is nothing short of brilliance and may get confusing at some point but you'll get back inline and would appreciate it alot more. The longer I type the more spoilers I may end up spilling, I'll hang the coat here and head out, check out The witcher on Netflix today.
      Watch a little briefing in the video below
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