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How to play all PC games using a USB gamepad with the aid of x360


How to play all PC games using a USB gamepad with the aid of x360Ce.exe

1. Download x360ce zip file for 32bit and 64bit
You have to select 32bit or 64bit version for your game. If you don’t know your game to be either 32 or 64bit, I suggest that you download both versions and keep it readily available,  But an error message usually pops up when a wrong version is forced to run on an application.

2. secondly we have to find where your game is installed and where game executable is located. you can find it easily when you  right click and select open file location

3. After locating the folder that contains your game executable,  Extract your x360ce ZIP file inside that folder.

4. After extraction Right click x360ce exe and select Run as administrator

5. Normally X360 Controller Emulator will show a warning information showing “xinput 1_3.dll was not found. This file is required for emulator to function properly.”. Click Create.

6. Now x360ce informs that it has detected new device, and I suggest you have an active data connection to enable it search the internet for the best configuration setting for your gamepad. Just hit Next, so it searches settings from internet.

7. When the search is successful two green tick signs will show up and a config file beneath, click finish.

8. After that hit the auto button for a gamepad controller setup scheme to be automatically done for you

9. Click yes to confirm the settings and click save.

10. After that open the game and enjoy
11. note you can also open the game directly from the x360ce executable by clicking the game settings and click "open" locate the file  and start the game
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